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Handmade Soap Saver

Handmade Soap Saver

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Our Handmade Soap Saver is made of 100% cotton yarn and is a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution for your bar soap. These soap savers are ideal for creating a luxurious lather while utilizing even the smallest slivers of soap that would otherwise go to waste.

The woven texture of the soap saver, which is designed like a washcloth, gently exfoliates your skin as you use it. Simply insert a bar of soap or bits of soap, tighten the drawstring to secure the soap, and use as a washcloth.

The drawstring allows you to hang the soap saver up to dry when not in use, extending the life of your soap and reducing waste.


To use:


  • Insert a bar of soap or soap fragments into the soap saver.
  • Tighten the drawstring to keep the soap inside.
  • Lather up and exfoliate your skin with this washcloth.
  • In between uses, hang the soap saver to dry.


Our Handmade Soap Saver is the ideal way to extend the life of your bar soap and reduce waste. Order yours today and reap the benefits of our crochet soap savers' gentle exfoliation and eco-friendliness!



Lovingly crocheted in Lusaka

Size: approximately  11 cm x 7 cm

Soap  and Soap dish not included.

Care Instructions

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