From Zambia with Love: Meet Zedex Vendors Baobab Swirls

From Zambia with Love: Zedex Vendors

Welcome to our exclusive interview with Zedex Vendors, the innovative online marketplace that brings the best of Zambia's products to your fingertips.
Mercy from Zedex Vendors
Co-founded by Mercy Tembo-Mumba and founded by Karen Mwanja Tembo, Zedex Vendors is driven by a passion for creating a fulfilling experience for their platform users. In this interview, we'll dive deep into the story behind Zedex Vendors, their process for sourcing and selecting products, and their commitment to offering bespoke, unique, and eloquent vendors from throughout Zambia. Join us as we learn more about the inspiration behind this exciting online marketplace and their dedication to providing customers with the best of Zambia's offerings.
Karen from Zedex Vendors
Can you tell us a little bit about Zedex vendors and what inspired you to start this online marketplace ?
So how it all started, I was getting ready for a site visit and My sister Karen am not sure what the call was about but at that time 2020 she had never visited Zambia for 5 years as she was in Uni, by the way she is in a place I did my university 5 -6 years ago and she narrating to me the way businesses sell their products, she’s like do you ever use NFC on your phone and I was like we tap with cards here… anyway we got to the serious bit and my sister goes like I would really like to develop a marketplace and I intently start listening in. I jumped on board instantly. Karen is the super Creative and am the Contractor we listed what we needed to do , the website development was the hardest bit and I can say this proudly our first site was all created by Karen In her free time as a hobby. So now we look at the website and the feeling just grew. We knew we were on to creating a Fulfilling experience for our platform users. 
So ya that's how Zedex Started - Co Founded by Mercy Tembo-Mumba and Founded by Karen Mwanja Tembo.
Your website features a variety of products , how do you source these products and ensure their quality?
Remember we guarantee a FULFILLING Experience on so our vendors have undergone a rigorous venting process, they must be true to their promise made to customers, be it value for money or quality. Zedex Vendors source BESPOKE, UNIQUE and ELOQUENT vendors throughout Zambia. We believe in serving you the best Zambia has to offer.
What is your process for selecting the products that you feature on your website?
Three words to answer that - BESPOKE, UNIQUE and ELOQUENT.
Baobab Swirls is excited to be a part of your marketplace. How do you choose the brands that you partner with and feature on your website?
Other than the qualities listed above we also look at the needs of our customers, For Baobab Swirls we looked at authenticity, quality and a product based on Organic Material, handmade, crafted and tested over 9 years with great reviews from customers. Baobab Swirls is something we believe our customers would love to put on their skin, and the skins will thank them.
Screenshot of Baobab Swirls on Zedex Vendors
Not all of the products on your website are handmade, can you explain how you determine which products are a good fit for your platform?
We always put the customer at the center of our onboarding, so there is this back and forth, customer interests and needs, mapping, so before we onboard a product the Zedex dedicated team has to justify and agree that the products will be of great benefit to the Customers.
What has been the most rewarding part of running Zedex vendors, and what are your plans for the future of the company?
The most rewarding part has been the serving part, where at the end of a day after Fulfillment a client calls or texts to thank you for the amazing service.
What are some of the most popular products that you currently offer on Zedex vendors?
Some popular products include baby products , nails and perfumes, you can keep up to date with the trends by visiting our website.
Can you tell us about any new products or brands that you are planning to introduce to Zedex vendors in the near future?
We have so many products in line unfortunately most can not be made mention of because we are still in the contractual process but stay tuned !!!
In addition to selling products, does Zedex vendors offer any additional services, such as educational resources etc ?
Other than selling products we offer credit facilities to vendors and customers, more details are shared on our platforms.
How do you envision Zedex vendors evolving and expanding in the future?
We envision Zedex Vendors to become a marketplace that fosters Trade and Growth among peers in Zambia and across Africa. Behind the scenes we aim to create collaborations between the big vendors and the small vendors we strongly believe in the quote ‘’alone you can go faster but together we can change the world’’
How does Zedex vendors ensure that customers are satisfied with their purchases and provide excellent customer service?
Like I mentioned earlier our customer is always at the center and at the end of any day their experience comes first, so to answer your question - optimization. Our platform’s optimisation makes this process very seamless . You see products are found easily - by prompting of the few letters of the products you are searching for the best match is shown almost instantly.
Can you share any success stories or challenges that you've faced in running an online marketplace in Zambia?
So our very first order, the customer calls and says I really would like to make a purchase of the baby bottle but wanted to verify if you are not a scammer. So now we go back and forth over the fulfillment process, so its register here, indicate your location, payment method…. now we are at the tail end of our Fulfillment process and the customer goes like ‘’ you know what I was betting on whether a Zambian platform would fulfill an online purchase but the experience with Zedex vendors really exceeded my expectations - what I ordered is what I got plus a customer care to help at any point of my order’’. Note that at that time I was the customer care/delivery person/company rep lol
The icing on cake is always Thank you for the service.
What is your order process?
To enjoy the full potential of our platform we always advise our customer to register as this comes with so many benefits - reward, coupons , lucky prices and emails of special offers currently running.
The steps are very easy and are as follows:
  1. Register
  2. Add product sort after to cart
  3. Confirm delivery location
  4. Confirm payment method
  5. Check out
We would like to thank Zedex Vendors for this opportunity to share with us about their business and welcoming Baobab Swirls to their platform,we look forward to a great collaboration with them. In conclusion we can say that Zedex Vendors is a true gem in the online marketplace world, showcasing the finest products in Zambia. With a rigorous vetting process and a commitment to offering bespoke, unique, and eloquent vendors, Zedex Vendors is a trusted destination for high-quality products. Don't miss out on the opportunity to browse their product range and experience the fulfilling journey of discovering Zambia's best offerings.
Visit Zedex Vendors now to  indulge in the rich selection of products they have to offer or to register as a vendor. Happy shopping!
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