A Natural Pre-Wedding Skincare Poem Baobab Swirls

A Pre-Wedding Skincare Poem

Beautiful African Bride



Radiant skin, a bride's delight,
A natural glow, pure and bright,
Before the big day, take care,
Of your skin, with love and air.

Nature's gifts, for your skin's gain,
Herbs and oils, to ease the pain,
No chemicals, just pure bliss,
Achieve the look, with a natural kiss.

A healthy diet, full of greens,
Drink water, to cleanse your beings,
And when it's time for some rest,
A good night's sleep, is always the best.

Exercise, to keep your skin tight,
And relieve stress, with all its might,
Avoid harsh sun, and keep it bright,
With a hat and sunscreen, a perfect sight.

A gentle cleanse, to start each day,
And a face mask, to keep the grey,
A nourishing moisturizer, to seal,
And a lip balm, to make it real.

So when the day, arrives so near,
Your skin, will glow, and have no fear,
You'll shine, like the morning star,
A radiant bride, who's come so far.

With these tips, your skin will sing,
And you'll walk down the aisle,

with a natural glow, in every thing.

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