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Natural Skin Care

Do it the natural way – natural skin care

Natural skin care is perhaps the best skin care in today's age and environment. Your skin already has enough of the pollutants in the air that cause premature aging, why add some more using synthetic skin care products? Having a naturally beautiful skin starts within. Your skin shows the kind of food you eat and the type of lifestyle you have. A dull, excessively oily skin could suggest you probably are munching too much fat and barely exercise.

You may try these natural skin care tips. It saves you a few dollars out of buying commercial "natural" skin care products and gives a boost to your system as well.

Natural skin care tips

Our skin sheds dead skin cells everyday. Unfortunately, it doesn't do that by itself. Give your skin a dry brush exfoliation before you take a shower in the morning to eliminate the top layer dead skin cells. Dry brush exfoliation allows skin to detoxify and improves blood circulation, which in turn nourishes the skin by distributing nutrients and oxygen to every skin cell. Use a soft, natural bristle brush to do this.

Next, digestion is one factor that contributes to the type of skin we can have. Poor digestion often result to acne, psoriasis, and rosacea.

The two common culprits for a sluggish digestion is:

1) not having sufficient fiber in the diet,


2) not enough water.

A glass of water

Doctors advice the intake of 8 full glasses of water a day to normalize your bodily functions. Also, eat fruits (like apples) with skin on and munch on high fiber snacks. They're good for your tummy and skin.

Third, get moving!

jogging couple

Exercise helps out by improving your blood circulation eliminating bodily wastes through sweat. If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, make sure exercise is part of your natural skin care regimen. However, always take a warm shower after sweating it out to wash off dirt and sweat.

spoon full of sugar

Moreover, sugar is also a culprit in premature aging. Excessive sugar intake, in the process, leads to glycation. This is a process in which a sugar molecule called glucose sticks to amino acids (protein molecules) causing it to form other molecules called advanced glycation end-products or AGE. AGE is damaging to skin cells, bone cartilage, as well as ligaments resulting in premature aging. As part of your natural skin care, lessen your daily intake of sugar as much as possible. In addition, the natural foods we eat like fruits or bread already contain sugar so there's actually no need to add some more.

Lastly, essential fats are necessary in cell division to make new ones as in cell membranes, hormones, etc. Sources of essential fats include oils from nuts, fish, or fish oil supplements.

assorted nuts
Natural skin care doesn't have to be expensive. And patience is a virtue (as the cliché goes) because you need to work it out. Results might not be achieved overnight but you’ll certainly be paid off for a lifetime.

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