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Baobab Swirls

Master the Art of Soap Formulation

Master the Art of Soap Formulation

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ย Learn to craft handmade soaps with our Baobab Swirls Natural Skincare Class: Soap Formulation Class- the ideal combination of creative expression and nourishing skincare. This comprehensive course will guide you through the cold process soap making method, so you can whip up luxurious, nourishing soaps from home. Perfect for soap-making novices and pros alike, this class will take your skills to the next level.

Detailed Features

Key Features:
Cold Process Expertise: Our class focuses primarily on the cold process soap making method, providing you with in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience to master this traditional technique. We also touch upon the melt and pour method, broadening your soap crafting horizons.
Safety First: Your well-being is our top priority. We ensure that safety protocols and precautions are thoroughly explained, enabling you to handle ingredients and equipment with confidence.
Formulate Your Own Recipes: Step into the role of a soap alchemist as you learn to create your unique soap recipes. With our guidance, you'll gain a deep understanding of saponification values and how to calculate lye quantities effectively.
Hands-On Experience: Put your newfound knowledge into practice during our interactive class sessions. Craft your own cold process soaps under the guidance of our expert instructor and take home the beautiful creations you've made.
Virtual Option Available: Can't make it to our in-person classes? No worries! We offer virtual sessions upon request, ensuring that you can learn the art of soap making from anywhere in the world.
Inclusive Ingredients: For in-person classes, we provide all the necessary ingredients, ensuring a hassle-free experience. We've carefully selected premium-quality materials, and you'll receive a silicone soap mold to bring your designs to life.
Benefits of the Baobab Swirls Natural Skincare Class: Soap Formulation Class:

Empowerment: Gain the confidence to create your very own natural soaps tailored to your preferences and skin needs. Say goodbye to store-bought options filled with chemicals and embrace the joy of making your own personalized skincare products.
Knowledge Expansion: Learn the science behind soap making, including the art of formulating recipes, understanding saponification values, and calculating lye quantities. This knowledge will empower you to experiment and create unique soap blends at home.
Artistic Expression: Unleash your creativity by designing beautiful swirl patterns and customizing your soaps with colors, fragrances, and natural additives. Each soap you create becomes a reflection of your personal style and aesthetic.
Nourishing Skincare: With our soap formulation class, you'll be able to craft soaps that are gentle, nourishing, and free from harsh chemicals. Experience the luxury of using soaps that are lovingly made with natural ingredients, promoting healthier, happier skin.
Ongoing Support: We believe in the journey of continuous learning and improvement. As part of our class, you'll receive free mentorship and assistance in sourcing quality ingredients, ensuring that you have all the support you need to continue your soap making endeavors.
Class Details:

Frequency: Our soap formulation class is conducted once a month, excluding November and December.
Limited Slots: To maintain an intimate learning environment, each session has a maximum of 6 slots available. Book your slot now to secure your spot in the next session.
Unleash your creativity and embark on a rewarding journey with the Baobab Swirls Natural Skincare Class: Soap Formulation Class. Experience the joy of handcrafting your own luxurious soaps and elevate your skincare routine to new heights. Enroll today and let your soap-making adventure begin!


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You really brought out the artist in me. I enjoyed the process and more especially the tidbits that only come with experience. It means my journey to perfection will be shorter as I also navigate my way to my success and becoming a great Formulator ๐Ÿ‘ BRAVO KEEP ON SHINING.

Thanks it's been a pleasure working with you

Precious kasanda

The best products for my baby with eczema so far.

We're thrilled to hear that our products have been the best solution for your baby's eczema! It means the world to us to know that we've been able to provide relief and comfort to both you and your little one. Your trust in our products is incredibly rewarding, and we're honored to be a part of your skincare journey.

If you ever need further assistance or have any questions about our products, please don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to support you and your baby every step of the way!

Thank you again for choosing Baobab Swirls. Here's to many more happy and healthy days ahead! โœจ

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