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Natural Botanical Body Cream

Natural Botanical Body Cream

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Get ready to luxuriate in the ultimate feel-good hydration with our Natural Botanical Body Cream! Our creamy formula, packed with Coconut Oil and Shea Butter, will give your skin a much-needed rejuvenation so you can enjoy a soft, smooth texture with zero greasiness. So, pamper yourself with this amazing treat! Your skin's gonna love it!


Detailed Features

Indulge in the power of Shea Butter, renowned for its ability to moisturize deeply while soothing and protecting your skin. Its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties make it a perfect choice for those with dry, irritated skin. Paired with Coconut Oil, rich in medium-chain fatty acids, vitamins E, and K, our cream becomes a hydration and skin rejuvenation powerhouse.

But we didn't stop there. To enhance the incredible benefits of this cream, we carefully selected a blend of essential oils, each chosen for its specific skin benefits. Whether you're looking to soothe sensitive skin or brighten dull complexions, we have a botanical scent that will cater to your unique needs.

Prioritizing your skin's health and safety, we recommend performing a patch test before using the cream. Simply apply a small amount to the inside of your wrist and wait 24 hours to ensure no redness or irritation occurs. Once you receive the green light, you can confidently apply the cream to your entire body, knowing that you're giving your skin the care it deserves.

Choose from our delightful range of Botanical Scents, each carefully crafted to elevate your skincare routine:

Lemongrass: Invigorate your senses with the refreshing and uplifting aroma of Lemongrass.
Orange Vanilla: Indulge in a sweet and comforting blend of zesty oranges and creamy vanilla.
Lavender: Experience the calming and soothing effects of Lavender, perfect for winding down after a long day.
Our Botanical Body Creams contain only the finest ingredients:

Aqua: Hydrates and refreshes your skin, leaving it feeling revitalized.
Sunflower Oil: Rich in nutrients and antioxidants, it helps nourish and protect your skin from environmental damage.
Coconut Oil: Moisturizes deeply, while providing essential vitamins and fatty acids for healthy, glowing skin.
Shea Butter: A powerhouse ingredient that deeply moisturizes, soothes inflammation, and protects against bacteria.
Emulsifying Wax, Cetyl Alcohol, and Stearic Acid: Natural emulsifiers that blend the ingredients together for a smooth and creamy texture.
Sodium Lactate: Helps improve the cream's moisturizing properties, leaving your skin soft and supple.
Vitamin E Oil: Known for its antioxidant properties, it helps nourish and protect your skin from free radicals.
Essential Oils: A thoughtfully selected blend to enhance the cream's benefits, catering to your specific skincare needs.
Preservative: Ensures the longevity and stability of the cream, keeping it fresh and effective.
Don't wait any longer to give your skin the care it craves. Try our Botanical Body Creams with Essential Oils today and witness the transformative power of natural skincare. Your skin will thank you for it.


Sunflower Seed Oil,Coconut Oil,Shea Butter,Emulsifying Wax,Cetyl Alcohol,Stearic Acid,Sodium Lactate,Vitamin E Oil,Essential Oil and Preservative

Care Instructions

Store Properly: When not in use, store the container of body cream in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to maintain its potency and effectiveness.

How to use

Cleanse Your Skin: Before applying body cream, it's essential to start with clean skin. Take a shower or bath using a gentle cleanser suitable for your skin type. Pat your skin dry with a towel afterward.

Dispense the Cream: Scoop out a small amount of body cream from the container. Start with a small amount and add more as needed, depending on the size of the area you want to moisturize.

Warm the Cream: Rub the body cream between your palms to warm it up slightly. This helps to emulsify the product and makes it easier to spread evenly over your skin.

Apply to Damp Skin: For best results, apply the body cream to slightly damp skin. Moisture helps to lock in the hydration provided by the cream, leaving your skin feeling softer and more supple.

Massage In: Starting from your ankles and working your way up, massage the body cream into your skin using gentle, circular motions. Pay special attention to areas that tend to be drier, such as elbows, knees, and heels.

Focus on Trouble Spots: If you have areas of particularly dry or rough skin, apply an extra layer of body cream to those areas and massage it in thoroughly.

Allow Absorption: Give the body cream some time to absorb fully into your skin before getting dressed. This helps prevent the cream from transferring onto your clothing and ensures maximum hydration.

Reapply as Needed: Depending on your skin's moisture needs and the climate, you may need to reapply body cream throughout the day. Listen to your skin and apply more cream as needed to keep it hydrated and comfortable.


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